Renovation of wells, basins, pools, reservoirs, etc., by spin cast method:

Most service lines are technically obsolete and do not operate properly. A typical problem is the bad status of wastewater system wells – concrete is cracked or destroyed, or joints are loose. The infiltration of rain water and ground water in wells causes hydraulic overloads in the wastewater treatment plants and pipelines for wastewater collection and irrigation sewage disposal.

We suggest a solution to this problem – to renovate wells by spin cast method. The walls of wells are cleaned and covered with a particularly resistant, anti-rust and rapidly solidified concrete mix using special equipment.


Advantages of spin cast method:

  • excavation works are not necessary;
  • 3 to 5 wastewater wells can be renovated within a day;
  • tightness in wells and resistance to negative influence of the environment and wastewater gases;
  • lifetime of the well increases by 30 years.